Valuable Investors of Sen Group

Every business, both new and established, needs capital to grow up and investors come up with the solution that a company needs and, maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship with these valuable investors is a part of science as well as arts. Sen Group values its investors and is committed to build a long term relation with its shareholders by maintaining full transparency in all its transactions.

Though we have adopted regular and open communication channels, our communication system goes beyond official norms and statutory disclosure and voluntarily sticks to best international practices. It's our strong belief that such business practice will ensure a long lasting relationship with the entire investor group, other important market constituents as well as the society at large.

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The Company's philosophy on corporate governance encompasses achieving the balance between shareholders' interests and corporate goals through the efficient conduct of its business and meeting its stakeholder obligations in a manner that is guided by transparency, accountability and integrity.

At Sen Group, our endeavour is to adopt best governance and disclosure practices, which in our view are critical to enhance shareholders' trust in the Company.

Commitment, Superior Execution and Trust are the core values and building blocks of Sen Group's' company culture. While all three core values are important, trust plays an integral role in defining the organization. Clients trust Sen Group with their most business-critical projects based on consistently delivering commitments. Trust is critical to ensuring enduring relationships with our clients, business partners, shareholders and each other.

Because trust is such an important component of Sen Groups' corporate success, Sen Group has adopted and requires that all employees adhere to our Code of Business Conduct. The Code was developed to provide all Sen Group employees with a clear, concise and documented guideline for conducting business in accordance with the highest business standards and professional ethics.
As a shareholder in Sen Group, you are one of the owners of this business and we thank you for placing your trust in us to manage it well on your behalf.

You can now register your email address in order to receive shareholder communications on-line such as the Annual Report and Accounts and the Notice of Meeting for the forthcoming AGM.
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