Assam Cane

Assam Cane has facilitated the emergence of a new scenario in the North Eastern India. Inevitably a future replete with expanded livelihood opportunities stemming incessantly from the right and rich harvest of Bamboos.

Assam has probably the maximum resources for the cane and bamboo industry in India, comparable with Canada and the Scandinavian countries like, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In bamboo and reeds, Assam has the most concentrated forests in the whole of India. As many as 51 species of bamboo grow in Assam and they are being used for diverse purposes, mainly for buildings, furniture and diverse contraptions. Studies are being conducted in some research centers in India as to the suitability of the bamboo being used as the reinforcement to replace mild steel bars in light concrete structures. Bamboo is also used for umbrella handles, walking sticks, tool handles, fishing rods, tent poles, cordage, ladders, yokes, baskets, toys, hand-fans and various domestic and agricultural implements. All these articles can be produced on a cottage and small-scale basis with small machineries.

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