Agromass Dairy

Agromass Diary is a sister concern of Sen Group, which sells more than 25,000 Liters of milk product every day. We process thousands of gallons of milk every week. We dairy operates round the clock, 365 days a year and produces fresh diary products for the customers.

Very soon we are about to open new branches to serve more people through our diary products. We have already started producing some delicious, seasonal milk-products like Lassi and our target is to enrich the list with more milk products.

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Agromass Dairy is committed to deliver products which meet all regulatory, industrial, consumer Quality and Food safety requirements to our valued consumers.

Our continuous efforts focused on state of the art processes and innovative technologies towards delivering a wide range of Dairy products. Our systems are designed to have process monitoring and controls at each stage of food-chain towards continual improvements. We, assure that our valued consumers are satisfied, each time they experience our product.
Agromass Dairy maintains stringent measures to ensure the quality and purity of the products provided to its consumers. Each batch of incoming and outgoing milk and related products is subjected to several quality tests including the presence of foreign particle and bacteriological tests. The quality of milk accepted and dispatched meets certain predetermined standards. The raw material, milk, goes through several processes such as Clarification, Homogenization, Standardization and Pasteurization, to ensure that it is safe for human consumption. We strictly follow proper percentage of ingredients in every product of our brand.
Agromass Dairy has a dedicated sales channel to meet the specialized demand of customers in quick service restaurants, fast food outlets, café, hotels, bakeries and caterings.

Agromass provides food service operators with a range of branded dairy products, as well as core dairy ingredients, including ready-to-serve creams, ready-to-serve beverages, butter, yoghurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, desserts and pre-proofed frozen pastry.
Whether we seek strong bones, high immunity, healthy heart or low weight, milk has all the essential building blocks for a healthy life. Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are the major sources of calcium in our everyday diet chart and also provide other essential nutrients important for growth and development.

a glass of milk everyday can keep us healthy and fit by recovering the losses as well as by adding some extra nutrition to our body.
Farmers as well as scientists have already understood the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers in long term. Agromass Dairy is much serious about maintaining quality of food that starts from the greenery under the Sun. We produce very high quality and slowly releasable fertilizers that have all the natural nutrients for plants to grow in natural process without demolishing the natural structure of soil.

Agromass exports fertilizers to several countries. It supplies products to change the rate of growth of land and create self-development in crops and food. Employment generation in new factory to be under construction on NH 6 for a producing capacity of organic manure 5000 ton (mass) and 2500 ton pellet of cronies and even biofertilisers.