Email Policy

Sen Group processes many e-mail messages to and from the internet each month. Each and every message has the potential to cause significant damage to the operations of Sen Group, our customers, our suppliers and business partners.

Sen Group ("SEN") therefore has a duty to protect its Information Technology environment from harmful digital materials. Additionally, Sen must ensure that it does not inadvertently spread such digital materials to its customer's environments or those of our suppliers and partners. Viruses that may be embedded or hidden in file attachments of which the sender may not be aware.

Protection of the Sen Information Technology environment
Sen employs a number of technologies to protect its environment. A key element of this is a technology which scans all incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses and for certain file attachments that may contain viruses. If a file type is detected that is considered a risk, then it will be removed from the e-mail. The remaining message will be sent to the intended recipient (s) along with an additional note asking them to contact the security administrator. A note will also be sent to the sender informing them regarding this action. Similar actions are taken if a virus is detected. For example, picture files using a standard .JPG extension will be allowed but executable files with a .exe extension will be intercepted.

It is recognized that from time to time, this may prove to be an inconvenience to Sen's customers, suppliers and other business partners.

File attachments or special arrangements
If any customer or supplier wish to have a full list of file types that will or will not be intercepted, or if any special arrangements are required, then they should contact their usual Sen Representative. The representative will advise accordingly or put you in touch with our Security administrators.