Our Corporate Responsibilities

Corporate responsibility works as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism, through which, any business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the moral standards, spirit of the law and international rules. Sen Group strictly maintains the principle of working and growing jointly with its partners that is its employees, at all levels of the company. We encourage and reward volunteerism and participation in organizations including local schools, literacy programs, walk-a-thons, and Earth Day activities.

Contributing positively to our communities and our environment is the principle that we follow. Giving back is part of our corporate culture and the way we do business. At a broader level, we make community investments in three areas: literacy, environment and our business origin communities. In addition, we donate a large amount to support local organizations about which our partners (employee) care personally.

Corporate responsibility has long been a part of Sen Group's values and how we operate. In today's competitive business environment, we never compromised with our corporate responsibilities; rather applied it to help us managing and creating value for the company. We recognize that our long-term success depends on our ability to gain access to new resources, the strength of relationships with key stakeholders, managing operations responsibly and efficiently in increasingly complex environments, as well as contributing to economic development. Corporate responsibility is a key to helping us achieve these objectives.

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How we contribute to sustainability?

  1. Improve people's health through nutrition & hygiene
  2. Minimize our environmental footprint
  3. Secure sustainable supplies of raw materials
  4. Create wealth & bring benefits to local communities

Our corporate responsibility efforts are grounded in The Sen Group Way, which outlines our commitment to "conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner… support universal human rights… protect the environment, benefit the communities where we work… learn from and respect cultures in which we work." At Sen group, we define corporate responsibility as:

  1. Consistently applying our core values, set out in The Sen Group Way.
  2. Maximizing the positive impact of our operations on current and future generations.
  3. Integrating social, environmental and economic considerations into our core practices and decision making.
  4. Engaging with and balancing the needs of our key stakeholders.

For our company, corporate responsibility means ensuring we have or are developing sound policies, practices or programs that address each of the following seven elements:

  1. Business ethics and transparency
  2. Workplace practices and employee relations
  3. Environment, health and safety
  4. Human rights
  5. Community engagement and development
  6. Integration of corporate responsibility into our supply chain
  7. Stakeholder consultation

In practice, our commitment to corporate responsibility plays out in a wide variety of ways across India in which we conduct business. It includes our employee diversity programs, which are designed to foster an inclusive workplace, and our local hiring efforts, which are aimed at hiring and developing employees from the countries and communities in which we operate. It is reflected in our environmental, health and safety management system, our climate change strategy and our energy efficiency efforts. It is visible in our community investment programs, which help build human capacity and create economic development, along with our HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention programs, to name a few.

We are proud of Sen Group's 50-year legacy of corporate responsibility, but we recognize that this is not a static concept. We are committed to continuing to expand our knowledge and understanding of social and environmental issues that affect and are affected by our operations, to integrating that knowledge into how we do business, and to continually improving our performance in this important area.
Sen Group's Community Engagement program is a tangible expression of The Sen Group Way. The relationships we have built with governments, other companies, our customers and communities in in India where we work demonstrate our commitment to these core values.

In our communities Sen Group has many community building programs that help us be good neighbors and contribute positively to the communities where our partners (employees) and customers live, work and play. We encourage and reward volunteerism and participation in organizations that are important to our partners, including local schools, literacy programs, walk-a-thons and Earth Day activities.

Living our values One of our guiding principles is: to contribute positively to our communities and our environment. Giving back is part of our corporate culture and the way we do business. At the broadest level, we make community investments in three areas: literacy, environment and our business origin communities. In addition, a large portion of our giving supports local organizations that our partners (employees) personally care about.

Spirit of partners We have many programs that encourage and support partners (employees) to make a difference in their local communities. Through Make Your Mark, Sen Group matches partner and customer volunteer hours with cash contributions to nonprofit organizations. Partners are also able to contribute to the Fund, a financial assistance program to help other partners in need. In addition, we provide product donations to local organizations where our partners volunteer.

Local action While most of our local giving is linked to the involvement of our partners, Sen Group finds additional ways to help strengthen community life. Some are large-scale efforts done in all Indian communities where we are located, while other initiatives are unique to a specific community.
An innovative and motivated work force is a key competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Sen Group works to leverage the rich diversity of ideas, experience and skill of our employees.

We express our belief in the value of diversity through principles, practices and accountability. This begins with The Sen Group Way, which states, "We learn from and respect the cultures in which we work. We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the varied perspectives and talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences."

Our principles endorse a spirit of inclusion and foster an environment where everyone can reach his or her full potential. We are committed to being recognized as a global leader that backs its words with accountable actions and quantifiable results.

You can speak to Sen Group CSR Cell for more details.
The Pledge evolved from long-standing commitments to safety, environmental protection, customer service, first-class research, and product stewardship that had served as hallmarks of our work for many years. And it addressed what stakeholders, including our own people, said they wanted to see in the way we operated as an agricultural leader. We listened, we took their counsel seriously, and we continue to build our culture on those values. After five years, the Pledge is helping us to convert values to actions and results, and to make clear who we are and what we champion.

Over these five years, we've grown as a company, not only in numbers of products but also in ways that put our values to work every day. We continue to squeeze the waste out of our manufacturing operations, making our processes more efficient and cleaner. We've responded to climatic disasters in our global communities, from tsunamis and hurricanes to earthquakes, through contributions of people, products, and money.

But it is not only the big actions that define us. It is also the thousands of daily decisions our employees make as they do their jobs: how they involve people in dialogue on issues that may affect them, how they seek out opportunities to share information and expertise where they think they can help. Simply put, it is about how we apply our values to our work..

We also want to work with development organizations to share our expertise in ways that result in better economic opportunity for those that need them most.

It is critical for us to do these things well over the next five years and beyond. We intend to do them with integrity, applying our values and listening closely to our advisory councils and our many stakeholders around the world. In many ways, we've only just begun the work of the Pledge.
Balipara – Tejpur Kumoda Sundari Foundation School.

Guijan – Tinsukia. Denoted for free schooling of children & constructed the building for the school.

Donation in terms of money and donate forms production of vegetables, crops for bharat seva ashram children & ram Krishna mission.

Generate daily employment for daily wage in different located farms & factory.

Promoting: Biofertilizer & Organic Manure for our future generation. & promoting the after effects of using pesticide & chemical fertilizer.

Projecting: Bio-manure or fertilizer supply to African poor at cheaper rates for development of then land.
COMPANY'S REPUTATION is more than its performance in the financial markets. It is the totality of a company's identity: the quality of its people, the value of its brand, its standing in the community and its performance in the marketplace. Building reputation, in this broad sense of the term, is what great companies are all about.

We are pleased to share what Sen Group is doing to earn our reputation in our 2006 Corporate Responsibility Report, "Living Our Values." As in our last report, we will cover our accomplishments and challenges in six areas:

  • Ethics and Governance
  • Service and Innovation
  • Empowering Employees
  • Promoting Community Growth
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Partnering with Communities

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With employees across India and varied customers, Sen Group has an extraordinary range of opportunities for touching the lives of our stakeholders. Every time we interact with a customer, an investor, or a member of the community, we define who we are and what we stand for.

That's why it's imperative that we have a disciplined and consistent approach for translating our values into action. As you will see throughout this report, we took major strides in 2006 to reinforce our values and integrate them into the way we run our company.

We start by putting customers first and delivering great communications experiences.

We operate according to the Sen group's values of integrity, respect, performance excellence and accountability.

Remembering that great companies are judged not by what they say, but by what they do, we create the systems, tools and processes that enable our employees to use our values to make decisions and run the business.

Most of all, we do it every day.

At Sen Group we believe deeply in the power of technology to empower, to teach, to entertain and to connect. We are tremendously fortunate to have a positive vision of the future and the resources to act on our beliefs. We have acted boldly to create the infrastructure that will stimulate the growth and innovation that will drive the economy forward and open new creative opportunities for customers. And we have energized our people around the idea of creating a future for themselves and contributing something of lasting value to society.

As I visit employees across Sen Group, I can sense their pride at being part of a company that's taking charge of its own future. They are passionate about putting customers first. They hold one another—and themselves—accountable for delivering outstanding service with the highest of ethical standards.

And just as they've done throughout our history, our people come through for their customers and communities. Whether they're responding to the tsunami or inventing new ways to make our technology accessible, or going the extra mile to solve a customer's problem, Sen Group's employees continue to demonstrate the moral fiber and can-do spirit that is built into the foundation of our company.

Actions reveal character, in people and in institutions. We hope to show you in this report how our employees are living our values and, in the process, defining the character of Sen Group.

Debashish Sen