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Business-to-Customer transaction and Business-to-Business transaction, both carries much value to any business organization and maintaining such two different groups of different characteristic is really very challenging. Sen Group is much serious about delivering unique, high-value functionality and business services to their business partners by combining the capabilities of application vendor, service provider and our collaborative environment.

Here on this portal you can find information related to our suppliers and also find what the policies we have towards them. We pay much attention to keep our policies and transactions transparent to maintain a clean and strong relationship. Sen Group wants to create relationship with the companies, who understand the value and work with us to optimize our collective supply chain to reduce our total cost of ownership.

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Sen Group is committed to reducing total costs through supply chain management excellence. Sen Group defines supply chain management as managing the business process from the initial supplier to the ultimate customer focusing on speed and flexibility, resulting in the lowest total cost and highest customer satisfaction-from supplier's supplier to customer's customer-with supply decisions based on total life cycle costs. Sen Group identifies five principal attributes of supply chain management:

Strategy - Creating an effective supply chain management organization and supporting fact-based strategies and plans.

Resources - Developing and deploying human resources and information systems necessary to maximize performance. Nothing happens without top-notch, highly-skilled professionals using effective technical tools.

Processes - Creating strategic plans based upon total cost management and insourcing/outsourcing analysis and applying a systematic approach to better utilizing the supply base.

Optimization - Aligning the supply base with our supply chain goals and continually seeking to improve the supply chain methods and composition.

Globalization - Viewing supply opportunities on a global basis.

High standards for service and quality from Sen Group suppliers will never be compromised. We at Sen Group look for quality products and services delivered on time and at competitive prices resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership. Sen Group selects its suppliers based on their ability to meet our stringent requirements and the capability to serve as a supply chain improvement partner.

Before contacting Sen Group about being a supplier, you should ask yourself:

"Do I have a product or service that Sen Group needs?"
"Do I have the resources to supply these needs in sufficient quantities as well as the support service required?"
"Can I truly bring sufficient value to Sen Group to reduce its total cost of ownership?"
Sen Group has reduced both transportation costs and standing inventory and has improved delivery information from vendors by using a third-party logistics vendor. This vendor controls the timing and the method of shipment based on the purchase order's delivery schedule. The suppliers are provided with an electronic means for communicating their activities and for printing shipment documentation locally.

Systems Used
Sen Group currently uses a Supplier Logistics System designed to plan, organize, and control information and product delivery to meet customer schedules at the right time and price, from Purchase Order (PO) launch to closure in inventory. Key elements of this system are Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supply Chain Active Tracking System (SCATS), and Receiving and Inventory Management.

Code of conduct
Get the code of conduct and best practices manual from Sen Group's nearest office for more information.
Reverse auction Calender and information is available at Partner Central. Wait a moment before you get redirected to the same.
Sign in to your Procurement room
Sen Group, procures materials and components on a regular basis from suppliers spread all over the world. For this purpose, Sen Group is backed by a strong supplier-base which is continually updated.

New suppliers and traders (only those who are sole/authorized representatives of OEMs) both from within India and abroad, who would give Sen Group competitive inputs, are now being added to the list of existing suppliers. For an initial assessment and empanelment with Sen Group, suppliers may get registered by submitting completed forms to respective unit's Contact Person.

Kindly contact Sen Group office to get the supplier enrollment package.